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Call for reliable Furnace replacement in Collinsville IL.
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Call for reliable Furnace replacement in Collinsville IL.
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If your heating, cooling, or plumbing system is not giving you the comfort or performance you expect, our specialists will work with you to complete a free analysis to identify if the system you have is working properly and is the right system for your home. At Blue Stream, our trained professionals can also provide the maintenance or repair you need, at an affordable price

In fact, we have established a better method of pricing to make sure you always get the best value for your money.



Up Front Pricing
At Blue Stream we:

  • Utilize Up Front pricing so you'll always know the cost before repair
  • Do not charge an hourly rate.  The cost of the repair is a non-fluctuating price that you approve before we begin. Whether the job takes 10 minutes, 45 minutes, or longer, we get paid only the amount you approved.  
  • Have done the homework for you to know what the industry recommends as a fair price for repair
  • Openly share our pricing
  • Offer accurate diagnosis on the spot…no guesswork

Repair Service Fees
Blue Stream’s service fee is Weekdays and Weekends 8am -6pm. Our $79 service fee "Trip Charge" covers getting our service professional and fully stocked van to your home, which also includes our expert diagnostic service. 

Once we have determined what the problem is, we:

  • Give you the exact price for fixing the problem
  • Provide details on how the work will be done
  • Let you review and approve the plan and cost before we start


At Blue Stream we only believe in:

  • Accurate prices and correct diagnosis
  • Demonstrating professionalism and presenting all of your options so you can choose the correct solution
  • Common terminology to help you understand the diagnosis
  • Exceptional service for a fair price

Replacement Equipment Costs
Our equipment and installation pricing is not complicated either. We are upfront with all the numbers so you will know the investment necessary to get the comfort level you desire.  Many times we are asked to give a “ballpark” quote on a new system.  It’s really difficult to offer a price without seeing the home and conditions.  Each home is as unique as the family who lives there and we would be remiss if we lumped you in with everyone else and pulled a number out of the air.  That’s simply unfair to you and your family.  For example, here are just some of the factors needed for an accurate proposal:

  • Heat load study performed to Manual J standards
  • Duct work size, condition, leakage rate
  • A review of the insulation in the ceiling, walls, floor, crawl spaces
  • Proper electrical wiring, circuit breakers, safety disconnects, flow rates and capacity of existing piping
  • Do you experience any hot, cold, humid, dry places within the home
  • Configuration of the home, such as basement, multi-story, rooms over garage space
  • How long do you plan to stay in your home
  • What’s important to you in a new system
  • How much will your utility and fuel bill decrease with a new system
  • Are you making any changes to the home, such as room additions, etc…
  • Are there special needs for children, elderly, medical conditions, pets (both in the system functionality AND while our crew is working in your home)
  • When you would like the work completed
  • …and ,much more

As you can see, there just isn’t ample information to provide “over the phone” pricing.  We do realize that consumers, just like those of us here at Blue Stream, want to know the pricing NOW on our purchase…it’s just human nature to want to know.  Many of our customer’s have shared with us their experiences of receiving a quote over the phone, or a visit from a contractor who “ball parked” a quote within 5 minutes of their arrival.  In almost every case, the incorrect capacity equipment was quoted, thus increasing the total ownership cost and negatively affecting the family’s comfort.  And further, most homeowners were not even aware of their options of equipment choices.  

How we do it…it really is simple
The review process takes about 30 minutes to gather the information we need and we go over the home analysis with you so you can see your home’s heat load performance.  We utilize state of the art equipment, including thermal imaging, to correctly identify the proper system capacity as well as areas in your home that may be wasting energy…many of which are often simple low cost fixes the homeowner can do on their own.  We then allow you to select your options.  Once we know the capacity requirements from our load study, the options you want, and any comfort changes you may want to make to your home, we will show you the complete job price…no hidden fees, no add on’s, no surprises.  We believe this is the most honest method of pricing and it assures that you get all of the comfort and convenience you are paying for.      

No Pressure…Just Simple Education  
We do realize the inconvenience of having a contractor come to your home and the fear of them “jacking up” the price, but rest assured, we are not that type of company.  In fact, our no-obligation review of your home is FREE and is performed by qualified professionals from our industry…not sales people.  In fact, we do not employ a single salesperson on our staff.  We believe in educating consumers like you using normal terminology and allowing you to make the best decision that fits your budget and comfort needs.

Our Commitment to Quality Service
Our professional staff will always do their best to determine what your exact needs are. Then we will provide an exact price, along with an outline of the work to be completed.

Let the experts at Blue Stream help you get the best heating, cooling, and plumbing systems for your money.  If you’ve already selected a contractor, but are just not sure you got all of the information you needed, or just have an uneasy feeling about something they said, we are glad to offer a FREE second opinion. We urge you to be an educated consumerCall us today for your FREE no-obligation review.

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